There are people whose art moves me.  They create beauty.  I thought I’d take the time to share a few.


Joe Messina.  His photos are spectacular.  Just when I think I’ve found the one I like, I find myself saying, “no, wait … what about this one.”  From birds to humans, they’re spectacular, just spectacular. 



ceres-floor-lamp--Mjk4LTUxMzI1LjE3MDYxMg==Stephanie Nichols.    A skilled sculptor who has set her sights on making the useful, beautiful. One photo cannot do her work justice.  Please go to her site to see more.



Blk-Stone-SlideRon Rice.    Metal Wrangler.  His highly polished stones, embedded with fine silver, are works of art to wear.  His folded metal is an origami challenge.  I find myself wearing his “Angel Wing” often.




Karen Patriquin.  While Karen doesn’t work with paper or paint or any of the other items you associate with art, make no mistake,  she is an artist.  A massage from Karen has one walking on air, and a facial seems to take years off my face.




Siobhan Sometimes beauty combines with a powerful draw to sweeten the world and the lives of others; such is Siobhan’s silks and her belief in empowerment.  Please click here to learn more.




Casey Shannon.    Sumi-e, but reaching beyond the limits of traditional ink painting.  I find her work peaceful.  Even the simple are majestic for me. Here’s a live link.


inside-web-2014 The Carmel Valley Art Association    My home town Gallery is filled with the works of many talented people.  People I call friends.  If you’re in this neck of the woods, you should plan on a visit.  We’re worth it.